Holiday Gift Packages


Andre Feriante 


Road Apparel has been a sponsor of my annual Valentine's Day concert at Benaroya Hall for several years. They have also outfitted me with their amazing Road attire for both stage-wear and day-wear. 


During the Covid 19 pandemic, they have a mission to keep the arts alive by sponsoring artists. I am honored to be one of them. They are a sponsor of my new album, If Only Love.


Together, we have assembled some amazing holiday gift ideas for your loved ones. Items may include:

  • Road Apparel shirts, pants, jackets, and more for men

  • Ably Apparel for men and women

  • Punch for women

  • My album If Only Love

  • My new poetry book Slender Gods

  • And more

                                                          - Andre Feriante

Visit to see the holiday gift packages.

Road Apparel worn by Andre Feriante

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