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Here you can learn about the history of Andre's albums. 

If you would like to listen to Andre's music, you can click the "Listen & Buy" button above, or listen to his new 24 Hour streaming channel, Andre Feriante Radio. You can also view some of his music videos here.

If Only Love.jpg

If Only Love


If Only Love, is a musical journey around the world, celebrating various cultures through their traditional instruments and musical styles. Songs feature; Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Modern Classical Guitar, Classical Archtop Guitar, Ronroco, Harp Guitar, and Baritone Ukulele. We live in a time of heightened attention and appreciation of cultures around the world and in the United States. If Only Love is a musical expression of that appreciation. His latest album follows the personal philosophy he shared in his recent TEDx Talk, The Round Table of Song. 

This collection of original compositions is deeply personal to Feriante. Since the release of his 14th album, Terra de Eros in 2016, he has experienced some major, and deeply emotional, life changes. The songs come from a place of love, loss, the life transitions of losing both parents, a major life move, and navigating life as a 40-year performing veteran artist dealing with changes in the world and in the music industry. The music is cathartic, yet also inspirational in its study of hope for the future and the beauty of cultural and musical diversity. 

Click the album cover to visit the Music Shop where you can listen to the album and purchase a Digital Download.

Terra de Eros 1.jpg

Terra de Eros


A world music album performed on multiple stringed instruments including ukulele, banjo, harp guitar, charango, electric guitar. Improvised in the jazz, classical, flamenco and folk styles.


Featuring: Anil Prasad: Tabla / Clipper Anderson: Bass

Steve Kim: Bass / Michel Navedo: Trumpet

Steve Thoreson: Tenor / Serena Tideman: Cello

Eric Fridrich: Bass Harmonica,  Electric Guitar 

Jason Everett: Bass

Beatles Masquerade 1.jpg

Beatles Masquerade


Andre takes us on a mystical journey into our memory of these iconic songs, and ventures into his new form of guitar speak; in the moment heartfelt improvisations on the Beatles. Using flamenco, classical, electric guitars, and ukulele, Feriante offers a unique and introspective approach to each track. Upon hearing Andre’s subtle weave of the familiar song “Yesterday” with non-traditional improvisation, Andre’s good friend, Seattle based software entrepreneur, Stan Gordon came up with the idea and agreed to be the Executive Producer for this project.

Winter Soliloquy.jpg

A Winter Soliloquy


Novella 2.jpg



“Novella, Ukulele Mosaique” is an exercise in musical storytelling recorded primarily in one evening. It is an intriguing collection of ten improvisations performed on six different ukulele’s crafted by Northwest builder David Poplar.

Sleeping Lady Serenade 1.jpg

Sleeping Lady Serenade


Recorded Live at Sleeping Lady.

Anatomie de la Lune.jpg

Anatomie De La Lune


The Poetry and Lyrics of Guitarist and Vocalist Andre Feriante. 

Best of Feriante.jpg

Best of Feriante


A collection of Andre's best from 1999 - 2008, celebrating his 10th Anniversary Year performing at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. 

Bohemian Boulevard 1.jpg

Bohemian Boulevard


About this release from classical/Flamenco guitarist Andre Feriante, Amazon Reviewer J.W.Nemanich comments, “Seldom have I found a CD as enjoyable. I have listened to it over 100 times and it remains my favorite of the year. The guitar work varies from introspective to joyous. I am sending a copy to all my friends.”

Arithmetic of Vanishing 1.jpg

The Arithmetic of Vanishing


The Arithmetic of Vanishing is an eclectic singer-songwriter project. The flavor of these songs are both contemplative and emotional. The poetry speaks of both love and the beautiful mysteries of life. Andre’s vocal sound has been described as “Andres Segovia meets Leonard Cohen”

Fuego de Luna 1.jpg

Fuego de Luna


The songs included in this CD are his most Spanish and Mediterranean in flavor. The Utne Reader states, “Feriante’s solo guitar blends classical and Spanish styles in a manner guaranteed to open the hardest heart”.

Incantations 1.jpg



The songs included in this 2001 release are more Classical in flavor and spirit.

Serenade 1.jpg



The songs included in this 1997 release include the Classical, Latin, and New Age genres.

Angelica 1.jpg



The songs included in this release include the Classical, Latin, Flamenco, and New Age genres. An album that has stood the test of time, it's still cited as a favorite among Andre's fans.

Remembering You 1.jpg

Remembering You


The songs included in this release include the Classical, Latin, Flamenco, and New Age genres.

Strings for the Season - square.jpg

Strings for the Season


Andre's very first album release. This instrumental solo guitar album was issued on Cassette tape only. It is a Christmas album featuring:

What Child is This?  - lyrics W.C. Dix (1865)

           - to the tune of "Greensleeves" (English traditional)

Prelude #1 - J.S. Bach (1722)

Away in a Manger - Martin Luther and others (1882)

Sounds of Bells - J. Pernambuco (early 1900's)

Silent Night - F.X. Gruber (1818) & J. Mohr (1816)

El Noy De La Mare - Anon. (Catalan Traditional)

Largo - Vivaldi (pub. 1725)

O Holy Night - A. Adam & P. Cappeau (1847) 

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