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Andre Feriante

Impressionist Guitarist, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Poet, Vocalist

Neo-Flamenco, Classical, World Music Fusion


Andre is available for booking at your venue, restaurant, hotel, and yes, for your private event! 

Music Venues: Click here for information about booking Andre's one of a kind Stringstories concert! It's a world tour from the comfort of your seat. Stringstories!

Fans: Andre loves salon concerts, so yes, he is available for your private event; home concerts, weddings, etc.

Restaurants & Hotels: If you're seeking a way to add elegance to your customers experience, talk to Andre today about booking him to play at your establishment.

To Book Andre, email him directly:


3 Continents. 14 Albums. 40 Years of performing. Thousands of performances. With training by the great Maestro Andrés Segovia, Italian born Andre Feriante is a Multi-Instrumentalist playing String instruments from around the globe! 

In a world of many masterful musicians, what sets Andre apart is his mix of elegance and approachability; both in the music he writes and in his performance style.

A seasoned, expressive performer, Feriante’s music appeals to any ear with a love and passion for music. His sensual, contemporary compositions bring a creative blend that speaks to people from all walks of life.


More than a concert, Andre Feriante provides an experience.

Business / Booking

Thank you for taking the time to explore Andre Feriante's Electronic Press Kit. This page is designed specifically for venues, promoters, and event planners. 


Mr. Feriante's rates are somewhat negotiable depending on size of the intended audience, number of instruments featured in the show, distance traveled, etc. 

We will be happy to discuss arrangements that can include flat rates or ticket splits. 


Andre Feriante is a career musician who has been playing venues around the world for 40 years. His level of virtuosity is often compared to the great Andres Segovia himself, his lyrics and vocals compared to Leonard Cohen. He composes his own music and is recognized for his own signature style. He also plays a range of instruments from around the world, each in a culturally appropriate musical style, that no other performer we've found attempts.

Andre is primarily a concert hall musician. However, he does enjoy the personal aspect of small, but classy, venues like wineries and we are interested in booking such locations when it coincides with travel plans of a larger tour. He also enjoys such venues, in addition to private and corporate events, that are in the Seattle Metro area when he is not on tour. 

Again, thank you for your interest in booking Andre Feriante. We look forward to talking with you. 

-Shawn Berit

The Concert Experience

Italian born Andre Feriante has developed a one-of-a-kind style blending classical, flamenco, contemporary, and world music elements. If you could visualize his original, impressionist compositions, they would be reminiscent of the fluid beauty of Vincent van Gogh and the peaceful elegance of Monet.

In a performance by Feriante, the audience can expect a complex tapestry of instrumentals, vocals, poetry, and conversation. His top tier, virtuoso guitar skill has been compared to that of Andrés Segovia. His singing, in Italian and English, has been compared to Leonard Cohen.  His original poetry and lyrics have been compared to Lorca, Rumi, and Leonard Cohen. His conversational style, part favorite humorous uncle, part wise guru.

Andre brings a casual warmth to the stage as he invites his audience into a musical, and literal, conversation where everyone feels special and welcome. It's common for the audience to spend time talking with him after a show. So often, people feel less like they've been listening to a distant artist and more like they've connected with a new friend.

A Renaissance Man, Feriante blends philosophy, poetry, and music in his quest to bring peace to people, first internally and then inter-personally. By exploring the cultures of the world through world instruments and music, he hopes to show the musical and fundamental common ground between people. Everyone has music. Everyone loves. 

Concert Instruments

  • Flamenco Guitar - Spain

  • Classical Guitar - Europe

  • Harp Guitar - Europe

  • Martin Style Steel String Acoustic Guitar - USA

  • Telecaster Electric Guitar - USA

  • Cuatro - Venezuala

  • Charango - Peru & Chili

  • Ronroco - Bolivia

  • Banjo (Original Nylon String) - Africa

  • Shamisen - Japan

  • Zhongruan (Chinese Moon Guitar) - China

  • Baglama - Turkey, Greece, Middle East

  • Buzuq - Lebanon

  • Oud - Syria, Iran, Iraq, Middle East

  • Balalaika - Russia

  • Sitar - India

  • Tenor Ukulele - Hawaii via Portugal

  • Baritone Ukulele - Hawaii via Portugal

  • Harp Ukulele - USA

  • Banjo Ukulele - USA

  • Gypsy Jazz Guitar - France / Italy

  • Jazz Guitar - USA

  • Baroque Guitar - Spain / Europe

  • Baroque Lute - Europe

  • Renaissance Lute - Europe

  • Electric Sitar Guitar - USA

  • Rabab - Afghanistan


  • Born and raised in Italy

  • Played his first concert in Rome, Italy in 1979

  • Trained with

    • Andrés Segovia and Jose Tomas - Madrid, Spain

    • Henry Rivas - Bogota, Columbia

    • Leon Atkinson - New York, USA

  • Launched his professional music career at age 18

    • Concerts in: Rome, Berlin, USA, South America

  • Has been on the music faculty of two colleges

  • Moved to Seattle, USA in the 1980's

  • 14 albums released

    • several with top 10 radio airplay ranking

  • Plays in premiere venues around the world

  • Personal collection of 43 string instruments

    • Spanish guitar, harp guitar, ukulele, harp ukulele, nylon string banjo, charango, oud, saz, and most recently the shamisen, ruan, sitar, and more.

  • TEDx Talk presenter

  • Has shared the stage with other premier performers

    • Heart

    • Alice in Chains

    • NW Symphony

    • Olita Adam

    • David Benoit

    • Overton Berry

  • Past host of "La Guitarra" on KING FM 98.1

  • Music Featured on NPR's "Hearts of Space"

  • Featured in MSN's "12 Sexy Bald Men"

    • with Andre Agassi, Seal, Vin Diesel, Patrick Stewart, etc.

  • Director of the Whidbey Island Guitar Festival

  • 40 year career as a professional musician



Social Media​

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  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Spotify


Muy bien… wonderful tone.

     - Andres Segovia

Andre Feriante takes the genre to a whole new level…
Best local musician.

     - Seattle Magazine

“With artistic versatility and seductive creativity, Feriante is the Picasso of the guitar.”

     - Citysearch

His musicianship is sensitive, articulate, pleasing and entirely in accord with his own music. One does not always find this sort of harmony on the concert platform.

     - R.M. Campbell, Seattle PI Music Critic

Feriante’s music is full of lyricism and reflection… I’m not surprised he’s gaining national and international recognition.

     - Peter Donnelly, Pres., Seattle Corporate Council for the Arts

In the many years he has been performing at Icicle Creek, he has always been a crowd favorite. A virtuoso flamenco guitarist, his new interpretations on non-traditional string instruments provides a captivating show. 

     - Michael Caemmerer Program director

           Icicle Creek Center for the arts Leavenworth, WA

“As the beautiful melodies of Spanish guitar introduced the musician, the audience sat spellbound. One man sat with eyes closed and a soft smile on his face, the music washing over and through him. Others sat in silence, eyes locked on the guitar as Feriante’s fingers danced across the strings. The stress of the day, the problems of the world, all melted away to be replaced by the peaceful, emotional music.” 

     - Shawn Berit, Whidbey Life Magazine review

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