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Andre Feriante

If Only Love

If Only Love, is a musical journey around the world, celebrating various cultures through their traditional instruments and musical styles. Songs feature; Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Modern Classical Guitar, Classical Archtop Guitar, Ronroco, Harp Guitar, and Baritone Ukulele. We live in a time of heightened attention and appreciation of cultures around the world and in the United States. If Only Love is a musical expression of that appreciation. His latest album follows the personal philosophy he shared in his recent TEDx Talk, The Round Table of Song. 

This collection of original compositions is deeply personal to Feriante. Since the release of his 14th album, Terra de Eros in 2016, he has experienced some major, and deeply emotional, life changes. The songs come from a place of love, loss, the life transitions of losing both parents, a major life move, and navigating life as a 40-year performing veteran artist dealing with changes in the world and in the music industry. The music is cathartic, yet also inspirational in its study of hope for the future and the beauty of cultural and musical diversity. 

Praise for If Only Love

I’ve been listening to IF ONLY LOVE, by Andre Feriante this evening, inspiring these words:

What is soul? Is it the deepest essence of us? Is it pure spirit? Is it light?

Is true music that which defines soul? Ineffably, because words can’t describe it. The choice of notes, the tone, the execution, all impostors - avatars - posing as that which lies between… SOUL!

Every once-in-a-while, an artist touches soul, passes it on, conveys it. And now and then an artist is able to transport consciousness to other places on this planet and not on this planet. 

Andre Feriante takes our hand and leads us down Italian streets, stopping by a breathtaking view to allow us to inhale a different dimension. 

Andre Feriante makes… IS MUSIC!

Thank you, sir, you are so valuable in this world we are losing.


  • Roger Fisher 

    • Founding guitarist of HEART



If Only Love: Album Download

Below is the complete album, If Only Love. This is uploaded in .wav file format and is intended for review purposes and radio play.


If you would like to play Andre's music on your program, please contact him at


If you would like a personal copy of this or any other albums by Andre Feriante, please visit the Shop link above.


This album is registered through ASCAP and BMI and is copyright 2020 Andre Feriante.


  • Born and raised in Italy

  • Played his first concert in Rome, Italy in 1979

  • Trained with

    • Andrés Segovia and Jose Tomas - Madrid, Spain

    • Henry Rivas - Bogota, Columbia

    • Leon Atkinson - New York, USA

  • Launched his professional music career at age 18

    • Concerts in: Rome, Berlin, USA, South America

  • Has been on the music faculty of two colleges

  • Moved to Seattle, USA in the 1980's

  • 15 albums released

    • several with top 10 radio airplay ranking

  • Plays in premiere venues around the world

  • Personal collection of many string instruments

    • Spanish guitar, harp guitar, ukulele, harp ukulele, nylon string banjo, charango, oud, bazouk, and most recently the Balalaika, shamisen, ruan, sitar, and more.

  • TEDx Talk presenter

  • Has shared the stage with other premier performers

    • Heart

    • Alice in Chains

    • NW Symphony

    • Olita Adams

    • David Benoit

    • Overton Berry

  • Past host of "La Guitarra" on KING FM 98.1

  • Music Featured on NPR's "Hearts of Space"

  • Featured in MSN's "12 Sexy Bald Men"

    • with Andre Agassi, Seal, Vin Diesel, Patrick Stewart, etc.

  • Director of the Whidbey Island Guitar Festival

  • 40 year career as a professional musician


Muy bien… wonderful tone.

     - Andres Segovia

Andre Feriante takes the genre to a whole new level…
Best local musician.

     - Seattle Magazine

“With artistic versatility and seductive creativity, Feriante is the Picasso of the guitar.”

     - Citysearch

His musicianship is sensitive, articulate, pleasing and entirely in accord with his own music. One does not always find this sort of harmony on the concert platform.

     - R.M. Campbell, Seattle PI Music Critic

Feriante’s music is full of lyricism and reflection… I’m not surprised he’s gaining national and international recognition.

     - Peter Donnelly, Pres., Seattle Corporate Council for the Arts

In the many years he has been performing at Icicle Creek, he has always been a crowd favorite. A virtuoso flamenco guitarist, his new interpretations on non-traditional string instruments provides a captivating show. 

     - Michael Caemmerer Program director

           Icicle Creek Center for the arts Leavenworth, WA

“As the beautiful melodies of Spanish guitar introduced the musician, the audience sat spellbound. One man sat with eyes closed and a soft smile on his face, the music washing over and through him. Others sat in silence, eyes locked on the guitar as Feriante’s fingers danced across the strings. The stress of the day, the problems of the world, all melted away to be replaced by the peaceful, emotional music.” 

     - Shawn Berit, Whidbey Life Magazine review




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